Dictionary suggestions to use with your ZipZing domain name filtering software

ZipZing works by using a Dictionary (dictionaries) but we do not include any dictionaries with your purchase pre-loaded, because technically we do not “own” any.

Once you have obtained a dictionary, simply save your main dictionary (dictionary 1) as “dictionary.txt” (no quotes) . You will likely want to load the “dictionary.txt” file into the ZipZing folder in the location you downloaded it. You can also install “dictionary2.txt” and “dictionary3.txt” in that same folder because those dictionaries will automatically be pre-loaded when you open your software. You do not have to pre-load any dictionaries as you can simply click “Load Dictionary 1″ and select your file from your computer at any time.

Note: You do NOT need 3 dictionaries loaded in order to find “2 word” and “3 word” domains. Loading one dictionary in “Dictionary 1″ is all you need to do. If you want to find domains that end in a specific second word, you will want to use “Dictionary 1″ and load your specific dictionary as “Dictionary 2″ with your “ends with keyword dictionary” . Then place a check mark by “Word 2 from dictionary2″.

Tip: ZipZing will not find a two word domain name with 1 specific keyword in it if the domain is “two words”. Both words need to be in your dictionary in order for ZipZing to return your results as you expect. Example: WinMoney.com would be displayed in the “2 word” column if win and money are contained in your main dictionary. Example 2: WinMoney.com would be displayed in “2 word” if you use a main dictionary and it contains the word win and you use dictionary 2 with an ends with keyword of money. Example 3: ZipZing will not display WinMoney.com as a 2 word domain name if you load dictionary 1 with a keyword list that only contains the word money.

Dictionary Suggestions (English Dictionaries)

Main Dictionary (dictionary.txt) (download)

Ends With Keywords (dictionary2.txt) (download)

Single Letters (for finding brandable domains) (dictionary3.txt) (download)

Top 20 CPC Keywords A list of the 2011 top paying CPC keywords. (download)

Countries List of countries (download)

Facebook Over 500 popular keywords used on Facebook (download)

103 Popular 103 Very popular keywords (download)

US Cities U.S. Cities with 100K population or greater (download)

US States List of U.S. States (download)

eCommerce Dictionary

Only $19.95 USD (Paypal)

Sorry, the eCommerce Dictionary is currently not available. Sorry if you missed out!

The eCommerce dictionary contains 179,763 “words”. The “words” all relate to products and have a Google® Keyword Tool match of 260 exact searches or greater. I have removed the spaces in the words to work with the software, so when using the eCom dictionary as “Dictionary 1″ in ZipZing, you will only look under the “1 word” tab to find matching domains to your dictionary. You can also use the “2 Word” tab and still see product related domains.

Tips for building your own dictionary (keyword list)

I normally look for “category” type lists as these mainly contain great keyword sets, for specific industries, services or products. Creating niche or specific keyword / dictionary lists can greatly help you if you invest in domain names in specific fields or industries. Using these types of created dictionaries can greatly increase the amount of time you save when searching lists of domain names!

ThomasNet.com is one good example.

Wikipedia.org is another great resource. Food related lists etc.

AngiesList.com (services) is another great one!

Those tips should give you an idea of what kind of dictionary/keyword lists you can use with ZipZing to find specific types of domain names.